Monday, June 15, 2009

Exercise Again

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Posted on Monday, June 15, 2009

Exercise AgainYey! Finally this morning I have started doing my exercise routine. This morning, I think I did some 70 sit-ups and just a few push ups (20 in exact). That was really tiring and my arms are a bit sore. It has been a year I think that I had some exercise.

Aside from the sit-ups and push ups, I am also planning to run maybe next week. I still need to buy some running shorts and a matching shirt.

So why I have become so health conscious these days? Well since I have this appetite of a two grown man, I have noticed that my tummy is getting bigger. Aside from that, my pants aren't happy about my weight gain. One of my slacks that I just bought months ago in the Philippines aren't fitting well anymore. To be able to wear it, it's a must not to close the hook of the pants.

I am also now avoiding eating the Pancit Bihon every morning. I am having cereal and milk instead.

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