Friday, April 24, 2009

CATS Musical Singapore Review

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Posted on Friday, April 24, 2009

CATS Musical Singapore ReviewLast Tuesday night, I have finally watched the CATS musical. The musical started at exactly 8 P.M. and ended 10:45 P.M. with a 15 minutes (not sure if it’s 30 minutes) intermission break. CATS by the way is the second musical that I have seen here in Singapore. Just like the Cinderella musical, CATS is housed at the Esplanade Theatre.

Since I have a new digital camera, I was excited to take more pictures of the Esplanade. It’s just annoying that when I entered the theatre my battery ran out. Too bad, I did not bring my extra battery. I really thought it has some extra battery life. Anyway, I used my cellphone camera to take some pictures while inside the theatre. It wasn’t as good as my Sony Cybershot W170 camera.

For the review, I can honestly say that this musical is far way better than Cinderella. It is fun to watch especially the characters are in Cats costume. There were fun and some boring moments. My favorite part by the way is the “Memory” scene with the character Grizabella played by Delia Hannah. Even the musical is about CATS, the musical showed different personalities of people and reiterated that we should respect one another.

Unlike other musical, in this musical viewers will be surprised that CATS performers will come near you. There are some scenes that they suddenly appear on the balcony and during the intermission I had the opportunity to see face-to-face a CATS performer. Arghh…Too bad I wasn’t able to capture it on video or in good quality picture. Darn!

This musical also has many dance repertoires and a magical act. This musical is really spectacular.

CATS Musical in Singapore will run until May 3 so book your tickets now and please invite me to watch with you (for free). Hehe.

Written in association with London theatre tickets.

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LIZZIE said...
April 24, 2009 at 9:58 PM

Oh.. U can bring cameras in? That's good news for me then! *^_~*

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