Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Nokia Phones

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Posted on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

free Nokia N82Last week, I received an email from WOM World, a division of Nokia from the United Kingdom saying that I will be soon receiving a Nokia N82 handset which will be delivered by DHL. The email also has this attachment in which I have to sign. WOM World actually offers free trial of Nokia phones to users for two weeks. It is one of their efforts to hear comments and suggestions from users. I honestly can’t recall when I have signed up for this.

Anyway, last Sunday I received an email from DHL saying that my handy phone is already in transit. They even gave a tracking link where I can check the location of my handy phone. Yesterday morning, I checked the tracking link and was excited to know that it is already in Singapore. After lunch, the delivery man of DHL was on our front door and was asking for me. When he left, I immediately unpacked the package and saw my not so new phone. It even has few scratches. At least I get to try this cool phone for two weeks. I hope I don’t need to return it. According to the agreement, after two weeks DHL will come back and pick up the phone. All delivery charges will be paid by WOM World.

So far, I am impressed with the 5-megapixel camera resolution and it has WiFi connectivity. Isn’t that brilliant? I still have to try though the Bluetooth gadget and the GPS maps.

If you wanna try Nokia phones, visit womworld.com

***This post was originally from my original blog turned into a music blog***

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